I think I'm the only one that still loves ER

One of my favorite shows of all time is ending and I'm gearing up for the 3 hour finale tonight. That's right...3 HOURS. If it were 6 hours I'd gladly watch it. I'm expecting to be choked up for most of it...I've been getting choked up every Thursday night for the past 15 years (!!!) so I'm sure that will be magnified tonight with this being their final show and all. What a bummer.

On a brighter note, I got a Wii!!! I've been saving every dollar and gift card for months (birthday, Christmas, etc.) and I finally had enough. Here I am getting it set up for the first time...I'm beyond excited :)

My sisters, mom and I had our 2nd Annual Girls Weekend in Atlanta last weekend and it was a big success! We mainly just ate and laughed a lot...and it was perfect :) I already can't wait for next year.

This weekend I have no plans and I'm thrilled. I'm overdue for a low-key weekend to relax, meal plan, grocery shop, play some golf on the Wii, cook, and have no big plans. Happy (almost) weekend!


Todd said...

Wii !!

Xembra and i had fun hanging out with Seth playing the bowling game while you were having a weekend out with the girls. Xembra liked it so much she bought one the next day! we created our own Mii's, played bowling the first night then tried golf the second night. wow, golf is fun and very addictive! i'm not into the whole golf lingo, country club, pleated slacks, startched collar scene, but the game i can dig.

maybe all 4 of us can get together one night really soon and have a Wii Party! fun....fun....


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....what a great wkd that was. Was it really only a week ago? Already seems like weeks have passed :(
Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I got to try wii out last night. It was fun! I bowled and I played tennis. Have fun with your wii! I'm so jealous! :)