When it rains, it pours; baby animals

I've got a lot going on right now that's keeping me at a constant low to mid-grade level of stress. Car issues, expensive (and painful) dental work, a computer on the fritz...so I'm choosing to focus on something positive right now.

Or is it summer? This weekend its supposed to be in the mid 80's! Either way I don't care. All I know is that everything is beautiful and blooming and the animals are coming back out.

Its no secret that bunnies are my favorite, and they are popping up everywhere! You never know when you're going to glance out the window and see one. Out the front window...

By the car...

You just never know when you'll spot one. Seth saw one building a nest out of pine needles yesterday and I am soooo sad I missed it. He said she was kinda fat so you know what that means - baby bunnies!! I'm in heaven. It doesn't matter what kind of terrible mood I'm in...if I spot baby bunnies playing in the yard I am instantly cheered up.

I'm also really getting into all the birds lately. They are everywhere these days and so fun to watch. Several people have told me I'm turning into my mom (she loves birds)...but I consider that a compliment. Check out what Seth discovered nestled in the tree by the front walkway:

I guess these are robin's eggs? Pretty neat :)

I just love all the green and new growth and blooms. Its rained so much this year and its making for such a gorgeous spring. When all the trees start filling in again and the animals come back out, its so exciting...like things are finally right in the world again.

Seth's been working his tail off in the yard and I love that too. He does such a great job, plus I know it makes him feel good to be outside so much. Check out what he did with one of the bushes in the backyard:

He made it into such a perfect little heart. I love it!
I guess that's all for now. Hurray for spring! :)


Anonymous said...

oh! the bunnies! i saw one when i was there. how lucky you are!
also, i think the bush looks like mickey mouse. :)


Todd said...

are you ready for another ass kickin' at Wii Bowling? if so, just let me know!



oh, i like the photos....

Karen said...

A heart! So cute! Can't wait to see you next to it.