Highway to the danger zone

I know I'm 23 years late but I saw Top Gun for the 1st time last weekend. I'm glad I finally saw it since its an 80's classic, but I have to say...it was pretty bad. I just about died when Tom Cruise was playing beach volleyball in skin tight JEANS. No wonder he was sweating like a pig! And actually, he was sweaty for pretty much the whole movie.

I still had fun watching it with pals and laughing at all the ridiculous dialog, but I don't think I'll be watching it again. Sorry Tom, but I gotta give this one a thumbs down :)


Xembra said...

OMG! I so have to agree! It was fun watchin it with the guys though! Who wants to be Iceman? Not me!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I bet if you had watched it in hs you would've liked it. It is fun to laugh at it now and think how obsessed I was w/ Tom!

Anonymous said...

Dude, that was the best movie. I thought he was sooo hot. Granted, I saw it 20 years ago but wow. And when Goose dies?!! I cried every time. :) lol. Oh, and did you recognize Meg Ryan?