3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer

Last night I took Ruby to her 3rd Dog Days of Summer at the Smokies ballpark. I had to carry her most of the way to the grass and she was nervous at first, but seemed okay once we got settled in.

Unfortunately Seth couldn't make it this year, but I still got to go with my pals Barry, Mike and Dusty.
When Dusty wants a bite of something, she has a look that's hard to turn down :)

Ruby didn't end up doing too well the longer we were there, and I'm sad to say that this was probably her last ballgame. Its just too much for her now.

She dozed off for a little while but we ended up leaving about halfway through to get her home.

I'm still glad we went but a loud ballgame just isn't the best place for ole Rube anymore. She was a trouper though!

She's a tough ole girl

Poor little Miss Ruby has had a rough month. We discovered a puncture wound on her a couple weeks ago, and we're pretty sure she got it when we boarded her at the beginning of the month. She's an indoor dog so really, that's the only time that anything could have happened. Also? We're pretty sure its a snake bite...pretty upsetting. I took her to the vet and got her started on antibiotics but it just wasn't healing. So a week later I took her back to the vet and she got 5 staples and (dun dun dun) - a CONE. Some people call them Elizabethan collars, but basically its a rigid plastic cone you put around a dogs neck to keep them from licking/biting a wound. I always thought dogs looked so funny with a cone on, but now I know its not really funny at all, and especially not on a blind dog. We tried it the first night and she couldn't even walk through a doorway. She just kept slamming the cone on the wall over and over. Then she'd change directions and slam it again. Awful. So last night we tried a new tactic to keep her away from the staples:

She looks so tough! And it seems to work as far as we can tell. Poor little thing though. Its just so hard to watch her deal with all these new challenges on top of being blind. Seth told me this morning that she's started limping and there's something wrong with her left front leg. I know she's old (12 1/2 yrs.) and its natural for her to start deteriorating, but man...its hard for me to see her having trouble. She's such a sweet little thing and we've been through so much together...I just want her to hang in there and have a peaceful life. She definitely deserves it.

What a weekend, part 2

After our deer encounter, we kept driving around Cades Cove for a little while until we got to the entrance for the 5 mile Abrams Falls hike.

That's right, 5 MILES. This was no big deal to Karen, Miles & Seth, but to me that was a HUGE deal. I'm just not a hiker and I don't have much experience hiking trails that long. At one point I wondered what would happen if I just laid down and refused to get back up :) But I didn't, and what I got to see at the end was well worth the work:

So pretty. And miraculously I made it back to the car...still not sure how that happened.
The next day (after Seth literally had to drag me out of bed at 7am), we headed east to Hartford, TN and Karen did a stellar job guiding our boat down the Pigeon River.

None of us fell out and the boat never flipped, so it was a complete success!

And........that's it! That was our big adventurous weekend with Karen and Miles. So much fun. I miss you guys already!

What a weekend, part 1

I love it when good pals come visit, and last weekend's visit from Karen and Miles was so packed that I'm splitting up the pictures into 2 posts. They live in NYC and understandably wanted to spend lots of time outside...so of course we headed to the beautiful Smoky Mountains!

We went to Look Rock first...its blows me away every time.

Then we hiked a mile up to the big tower thing in the woods to get an almost 360 degree view.

Seth said Karen and I looked like high school kids that skipped track practice :)

I love this shot...it looks like Seth is showing Miles how he can move the clouds around with his hands.

After that we got back in the car and headed to Cades Cove. We were excited to see this guy right by the road...
...until we pulled off the road a little later, went into the woods, and were surrounded by at least 6 deer. They blend in so well...can you spot one of them?

Here's one right behind Seth.

We stood in those woods for a good 15 minutes, silently watching them wander by and slurp up leaves (and get REALLY close).
They seemed like young deer and we all agreed later that it would have been pretty scary if they were bigger, grown up deer.