3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer

Last night I took Ruby to her 3rd Dog Days of Summer at the Smokies ballpark. I had to carry her most of the way to the grass and she was nervous at first, but seemed okay once we got settled in.

Unfortunately Seth couldn't make it this year, but I still got to go with my pals Barry, Mike and Dusty.
When Dusty wants a bite of something, she has a look that's hard to turn down :)

Ruby didn't end up doing too well the longer we were there, and I'm sad to say that this was probably her last ballgame. Its just too much for her now.

She dozed off for a little while but we ended up leaving about halfway through to get her home.

I'm still glad we went but a loud ballgame just isn't the best place for ole Rube anymore. She was a trouper though!

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