What a weekend, part 2

After our deer encounter, we kept driving around Cades Cove for a little while until we got to the entrance for the 5 mile Abrams Falls hike.

That's right, 5 MILES. This was no big deal to Karen, Miles & Seth, but to me that was a HUGE deal. I'm just not a hiker and I don't have much experience hiking trails that long. At one point I wondered what would happen if I just laid down and refused to get back up :) But I didn't, and what I got to see at the end was well worth the work:

So pretty. And miraculously I made it back to the car...still not sure how that happened.
The next day (after Seth literally had to drag me out of bed at 7am), we headed east to Hartford, TN and Karen did a stellar job guiding our boat down the Pigeon River.

None of us fell out and the boat never flipped, so it was a complete success!

And........that's it! That was our big adventurous weekend with Karen and Miles. So much fun. I miss you guys already!

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Todd said...

o wow! i wanna go.....fun!