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I know I haven't posted anything on this blog in a month. After I wrote about Ruby's snake bite and rough baseball game, she got so sick and we thought we were going to lose her. I didn't write about it because when things really REALLY scare me I tend to not talk about them too much (esp. not on the world wide web)....mainly because I don't want it to feel any more real than it already does. Thankfully Ruby made a full recovery! She is still pretty skinny but back to her sweet and neurotic self, and it is wonderful.

Switching gears now...I finished a project this weekend that I am so excited about. Seth and I are not digital music people so in turn we have a large CD collection. I've been trying to figure out a good way to store all those CDs for years now...I've searched online for furniture or organizing systems that aren't $500+ but will hold all the CDs (no luck), and I've brainstormed new ways to organize them using the furniture we already have (no luck), and generally I've just felt frustrated because I couldn't figure out a good solution. Until a few weeks ago when it hit me...a media closet! We have a hall closet and a living room/entry way closet and both have been sort of half full since we moved in. I consolidated the contents of both so I could free up the living room closet and dedicate it to CDs.

First I measured everything and the width of the closet was 34 3/4"...1 1/4" too short for the pre-made shelving systems (36"). So I bought a bunch of lumber to build a custom shelving system: 1x2' and 1x8'...the guy at Home Depot cut most of it to size for me and I used my miter box and saw for the rest.

Then I installed the smaller pieces on the back and sides of the closet to provide support:

Then I attached the bigger boards to the supports:

And voila!

Okay so it was a *little* more complicated than that, but not much (especially compared to the stemware rack project). All it took was a little planning, helpful Home Depot employees, and an insane amount of pre-drilling holes and screwing screws (screwing screws? clearly I don't have the pro lingo down yet). Anyway...that's my new project! Oh, and the whole thing cost less than $40, so you really can't beat that. I know I'll probably have to take it down whenever we sell the house but it is completely worth it. Look at that face! :)


Xembra said...

There he is alphabetizing!! ;-) Great job!

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me, Lib! What a great idea, and I'm sure Seth is in heaven now ;) --Lansky