Dining room drapes

If there's anyone that still checks this blog, I guess you've figured out that I'm not really posting very often anymore. I felt guilty about that at first, but now I'm okay with it. When I finish projects that I'm excited about, I'll post...otherwise, just assume that I'm either being lazy or working on a project that's boring/hard to photograph. For example...one of my latest home improvements was replacing the ripped, 50-year-old sheers in the living room with rigged Vivan curtains from Ikea - both big windows for $30! As exciting as that was for me, it doesn't make for the most interesting blog post :)

But I think this next project might be blog worthy! My mom gave me the linen drapes that were in the den before they redecorated and I have been wanting to put them up in the dining room for over a year now. When we moved in the windows had horizontal wood blinds (white) which were okay, but they actually blocked a big chunk of the window when they were pulled all the way open. Also, the cords were always tangled and they just didn't feel right for the dining room. The new drapes just happened to be the perfect length and width for this big set of windows, so I feel like it was meant to be!

Its pretty impossible to get a picture of both sides of this window, but you get the idea. I'm still amazed at how much bigger and taller the room looks now, and also how much more modern the curtains look when they're not hanging from a huge brass rod.

Now I just have to figure out what to do about the big brass elephant in the room - the chandelier. Any suggestions? There are 2 issues here: 1) its brass and ugly, and 2) its not centered over the table. When we first bought the house I thought I'd just spray paint it, but now I think I need to get an electrician involved to move it over the table first (I don't want to do a swag). And if I'm going to go to all that trouble...maybe I should think about finding a new fixture all together. The other option is to leave it where it is and just replace it with a regular light fixture to light the whole room (not one that's specifically for over a dining room table). This of course would be the cheaper of the 2 options, but also the scarier option...I don't know if I'm up for playing around with the wires in a 56 year old house.

Have you seen Food, Inc. yet? You should! I won't go into all the details here, but I've been making an effort to change some of my eating/food shopping habits because of it, and that led me to making granola bars from scratch. I don't know if I'll ever go back to the boxed kind - these are too good! I followed this recipe, and the only changes I made were 1/3 cup brown sugar instead of 2/3, almonds instead of peanuts, Earth Balance instead of butter, and I added flax seeds. And it was really easy!

I guess that's all for now! I can't believe December starts tomorrow. I'm going to try again to not get all stressed out over Christmas shopping this year. I didn't spend a penny or get out of my pj's on Black Friday so I think that's a good start :)