New desk

We've been using an old dining room table as our computer desk for years now, and it just doesn't function. The top is glass so its constantly dirty, there are no drawers for storage, and look at those wires:

I was starting to feel like Mommie Dearest, except instead of wire hangers I was screaming "No more visible wires!!!" Haha. I've been on the hunt for a new desk for several months now, and I almost bought several that were just so-so. So glad I held out because I found the most adorable vintage PINK metal desk at a local vintage/thrift store.

It has lots of drawers for storage and a formica top that's in great shape. And it makes all the difference in the room:

Yea! The den has gone through some other big changes that I'll share later. Working on the house and getting it decorated/set up has been a slow process, but also so much fun. I sort of dread the day that the house is finished!

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