SquirrelGate 2010

It all started with a feeder that my mom gave me a few years ago...now we have that feeder, a suet feeder, a finch feeder, and a smaller sunflower seed feeder in the yard. I would have 100 feeders if I could afford them and the food. I love it!
But lately the squirrels have become Public Enemy #1 in our yard because they get on the small feeder, eat all the seeds, and knock it down (the feeder my mom gave me is squirrel-proof). I used to think it was so funny how mad my mom would get about the squirrels getting into her feeders (she's a huge backyard bird person), and now I'm just like her! And so is Seth :) We've been getting so mad at the squirrels lately, and have tried lots of tricks to keep them away.

First I tried spraying the feeder pole with olive oil so they'd slip down it. That worked for awhile, but I'd have to keep spraying it every day and I can't keep that up. Seth tried scaring them to death by running outside every time they got on the feeder, but again...he can't keep that up forever. So today Seth had the great idea to turn an old tennis ball can into a squirrel deterrent.
He melted a hole in the bottom of the can, then pulled it over the pole and secured it with a random metal tightening thing from our old rake. And it seemed to work...we saw a few squirrels climb halfway up and then give up once they reached the tennis ball can. High fives ensued and we thought we had won.
But no...about an hour later one of the squirrels tried again a few times and eventually made it over the can!
I swear he was smirking at us through the window.
So we went back to the garage to see what else we could rig to keep them away. Seth found an old frisbee so he put a hole in the middle and secured it above the tennis ball can.
So far so good, but I won't be surprised if they find a way to get around this too. If all else fails we can buy one of the products they sell for this very thing, but I kind of hope we don't have to...this MacGyver stuff is too much fun :)

One more den development

A few weeks ago my friend Stacy gave me an awesome headboard...it was originally brass but she painted it to look like an antique white iron bed. I had planned to put it in our bedroom, but it just didn't work with everything else in the room. So I tried it in our new guest room and it ended up being the perfect final touch to finish off the room.

It adds some interest to the bare wall behind the bed, and the shape references the shape of the mirror over the dresser on the other side of the room.

Thanks again, Stac! In other news, Ruby got her first diaper.

Its not something she'll have to wear all the time. She just gets a little too excited these days when new people come over, so I picked up a pack of doggie diapers to help with the dribbling. I think she looks adorable :) Other than that, she's doing really well these days. Seth and I were talking about what a rough year she had last year -- she went completely bald on her back from the flea allergy, she got bitten by a snake, she had a pretty traumatic experience at her 3rd annual (and final) Smokies game, and then she almost died from whatever it was that had her so sick those two weeks in July. And now its a new year and her coat is full again and she's put the weight back on that she lost...its just amazing what a tough old girl she is. As far as I'm concerned, there will never be another dog as great as my little Ruby Fruit.

I love you, Ruby!