Our first garden

Well, we did it! We finally planted our first garden. I've said I wanted to do this every year since we bought the house, but every year I get intimidated and put it off too long and then its too late. But not this year! I got more intimidated than ever because I researched waaaay too much and it was really overwhelming. The internet is great but sometimes the information overload can be paralyzing. Last weekend I spent 2 hours watching how-to videos and was just about to give up the idea of a garden, but Seth gave me a pep talk and his confidence that we could do it was just what I needed. I ran out to Lowes for a mattock and a hoe and we got started 45 minutes later.

First we picked our spot and started tilling up the ground that was already there. I'd say we went down about a foot or so.

And let me just say that tilling without a tiller is HARD. I think the last time I was that sore and worn out was when we refinished the hardwood floors. But its also totally doable! Its a lot more work but you also don't have to figure out a way to get a rented tiller to and from your house, and it is cheaper too. The mattock and the hoe cost a total of $30, and we'll have those tools to use on future gardens and other yard projects for years to come.

The next thing we did was get the dirt out of the hole and mix it with several bags of compost mix (I don't have a picture of that). We put that mixture back in the ground and then covered it all with this mesh stuff that's supposed to keep the weeds from coming up. You just cut an X through it when you're putting the plants in the ground.

The next thing we did (on day 3...this was not a 1 day process by any means) was plant! Finally the fun part. I put in broccoli, onions, tomatoes, and left a spot for either a zucchini or squash plant. The marigolds around the perimeter are to keep the bunnies and squirrels away. Plus they look pretty :)

Seth dug up a bunch of large rocks that were around our shed to create a raised bed, then he added a bunch more potting soil on top of everything. He also dug up some old wire fencing that was in the way back of the yard and put that around the garden too...just extra deterrent for the critters.

We planted some herbs too, but because there wasn't enough room in the garden, they went into pots. We've got dill, cilantro, basil and sage.

And there you have it! Even though we haven't gotten to use anything out of the garden yet, it has already been such a rewarding experience for me. It was great to work with my hands and be out in the sun...and I just know its going to be an even better feeling when I pull out my first veggie and cook dinner with it. I can't wait! I also know that its not all going to work but that's okay too. This is a learning experience and I'll be that much more prepared for next year. I'm already planning to do a garden double this size in 2011 :)


Fat Cat said...

Congrats on your first vegetable patch ! And fingers crossed for a plentyful harvest :-)
I love gardening and wish I had access to some 'real' earth. Instead I go crazy on my balconies, like yesterday... my back is still complaining. Ouch !

Libby said...

Oh I like that...veggie "patch" :) I hope your balcony garden is plentiful too!

Dustan and Betsy said...

totally inspiring! hey, sis is on her way here today. i'm going to MAKE her take me to a fabric store and then help me recover my lampshade like you did.

Libby said...

oh that's awesome! i hope it turns out well, and if the seam gets a little wonky (mine definitely is), just turn that side to the wall like i did and no one will know :) i can't wait to see pictures of the finished product on your blog!