Kitchen floor, part 2

Last weekend I went to a local tile store, Home Depot, and Lowes to check out the flooring options in person. I got pretty overwhelmed and started thinking...maybe the floor is okay the way it is...I don't know if I can do this afterall. I pretty much go through that stage before every project I work on, and it mainly comes from fear and the inability to make a final decision. But after thinking about it some more, reading the comments from my last post and talking to a few people about the different options, I've decided on doing VCT tiles in a checkerboard pattern (not diagonal).

Here are 4 new mock-ups that I put together from Armstrong VCT tiles that I can order from Lowes (and return if I lay them out and they look bad). They're in order from my favorite to least favorite...please vote in the comments for which one you like the best!

#1: Soft Warm Gray + Field Gray


#2: Coaster Greige + Sandy Beach


#3: Coaster Greige + Shadow Blue


#4: Charcoal + Field Gray


Kitchen floor

I've wanted to replace the kitchen floor ever since we moved in, but its never been a high priority because I don't hate the floor as it is. It never looks clean no matter how hard I scrub, and it has a few blemishes, but all in all it goes pretty well with the rest of the kitchen. But all of a sudden this week I have become obsessed with finding the perfect thing to replace it with. Here's the floor now (although it looks more yellow in real life):

My first instinct was to do black and white checkered floors, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it'd be too much contrast in a room (or rooms if you count the dining room) that already has so much contrast as it is. I did a very rough mock-up in Photoshop and that confirmed it for me: no b&w tiles.

Then I saw this kitchen floor on The Brick House and thought, oooh solid speckled tile is the answer! After spending hours making mock-ups of every possible speckled VCT tile I could find, I realized that that wasn't going to work either.

This one is just so horrendous that I have to post it:

Hahaha. It looks like my kitchen floor is covered in hot lava.

So back to the serious I'm thinking that the way to go is checkerboard tiles, just not in black and white. Like all my mock-ups, these are very rough...but if you sort of squint your eyes and and look at the big picture, I think you can get the idea. I did one with the tiles lined up straight, and one diagonal (I'm definitely leaning towards the diagonal one).

I know I haven't posted anything on this blog for a month, but if there's anyone out there that still reads it, I'd love some feedback! Which one of these options do you like best, or is there an option that I haven't thought of yet that might work? I'm not really interested in ceramic tile because its expensive, harder to install, and if you drop anything breakable on it, it shatters. Pretty much I'm thinking vinyl tiles, VCT (commercial grade vinyl tiles), or marmoleum/linoleum tiles. I got really excited about the possibility of rubber tiles for awhile (and spent hours doing mock-ups with them), but then I found out that they're not good for kitchens because grease/oil can have a bad affect on them. That was a bummer because I thought they'd be great for my feet/back since they are very shock absorbent and I spend so much time in the kitchen.

So anyway...that's what I've been thinking about lately! I'm pretty excited about it because I haven't been pumped about a major house project in awhile (hence the lack of blogging). Its fun to have the wheels turning again! :)