Kitchen floor, part 2

Last weekend I went to a local tile store, Home Depot, and Lowes to check out the flooring options in person. I got pretty overwhelmed and started thinking...maybe the floor is okay the way it is...I don't know if I can do this afterall. I pretty much go through that stage before every project I work on, and it mainly comes from fear and the inability to make a final decision. But after thinking about it some more, reading the comments from my last post and talking to a few people about the different options, I've decided on doing VCT tiles in a checkerboard pattern (not diagonal).

Here are 4 new mock-ups that I put together from Armstrong VCT tiles that I can order from Lowes (and return if I lay them out and they look bad). They're in order from my favorite to least favorite...please vote in the comments for which one you like the best!

#1: Soft Warm Gray + Field Gray


#2: Coaster Greige + Sandy Beach


#3: Coaster Greige + Shadow Blue


#4: Charcoal + Field Gray



Anonymous said...

I dig the first option most, see. I guess you'd better come on home from work (5 hours early) & get started. Duuuuuuuuck hunt!
You're the best, & I Love You so very much!


P.S. BOOOONG. Kisses prease.

Dustan and Betsy said...

I really like the first one over all of them!

This is so much work. I'm tired just thinking about it. :)

Dustan and Betsy said...


Did you end up buying the orange rug after the Home photo shoot?

Libby said...

I did! After I saw how good the orange rug looked in the photo shoot, the zebra rug just didn't look right anymore.