Kitchen floor, part 4

Guess what - I think I might have figured out what to do with the kitchen floor! As soon as I saw this floor I immediately thought about how cork could work in my kitchen too. Check out this very rough mock-up:

I've thought about cork before but I hadn't thought of this color combo for a checkerboard look. These are the things I like about this look:

1. It is a modern take on a retro b&w checkerboard floor without screaming 50's DINER!
2. It is warm (remember how bad grey looked in the room) but doesn't compete with the yellow cabinets or the orange accents.
3. It works well with the wood floors in the two adjoining rooms (dining room and living room).
4. Cork is a 100% renewable resource! Yea!!

This is by no means a final decision...I have hours of Photoshop mock-ups and obsessing ahead of me. But I gotta say I feel more excited about this than all the other ideas combined. I'd love some input. If you've never commented on my blog before, now's your chance! And if you think its terrible I want to hear that too. I'm on my 9th hour in this cubicle so my judgement could be off right now.