3rd time's a charm

Sad news first: my favorite vintage store in all of Knoxville is closing at the end of the year. Happy news: I got an insanely good deal on the couch of my dreams because of it. This will be couch #3 for our living room, and I'm confident it will be our last for a long time.

The old rug didn't look right with the new couch, and I've never been crazy about it in the first place, so I took the opportunity to find a suitable replacement. I wanted a cream colored shag from the get go but all of the ones I found online were insanely expensive (like $700+ for an 8x10). Then someone mentioned Home Depot to me and I found one there for a great deal. An added bonus is the size...this rug is quite a bit bigger than the old one so it fits the proportions of the room better.

I also picked up the matching chair because it was 36 DOLLARS. Insane! I think it looks great in that corner...makes for a nice, cozy record listening nook.

I moved the chair and rug that used to be in that corner into the guest room, and they work much better in there. There used to be a shelf there that was the same size as the desk, and its nice not to have matching rectangle boxes under each window. Its also nice to have a place to sit and I'm already imagining my mom reading there in the mornings when she comes to visit. Oh, and I'm glad to have a rug in the room now too...helps to warm it up.

For the first time I really feel like the house is starting to come together in a new way. I know I've made a lot of big changes in the last few years, but now its starting to feel more cohesive or something. When I look back on the different stages of the house on my blog (the progression of the living room and the many couches/rugs is particularly funny to me), its cool to see it come together over time. And it just shows that you can't throw together a house at one time or even in one year (at least I can't). I don't know how interior designers do it, even with their budgets. I think time is so important to develop your style and keep your eye open for just the right thing...and be open to changing what you originally had in mind if it doesn't work out the way you thought it would.

Now I'm getting even more excited about the b&w cork tiles in the kitchen...I think they'll look extra good from my new and improved living room :)

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