cork tiles

Even though it'll be awhile before I can actually start laying tile (need to save up the $$ first), I think I'm getting really close to narrowing down my choices!

All of these are cork samples (the real tiles will be 12"x12"). At first I loved the ones on the far left because they'd bring warmth - the off white tile is a similar tone to the floor that's there now, and the other tile is a really dark brown instead of black so it'll also add warmth. But then more samples came in and now I'm leaning towards the 2 options in the middle.

I know its hard to tell in the photo, but the one on the left is an off white and a true black. The one on the right is a true white and a dark brown that reads as black. I paired them like I did so each option had some warmth (either from the off white or the brown instead of black). I can see the benefit in each - the white will look crisp and clean, but the off white will look warmer and won't show dirt as easily.

Thoughts? Like I said, I not in the position to buy tiles tomorrow or anything, but I want to be confident in my choice by the time I am able to put the money down.


jeannieo said...

I like the ones on the far right in the top picture

backsplash tiles said...

Can I use cork tiles in my living room cause I'm planning replace it my old tiles into new one's.

Fat Cat said...

Ok, here are my two cents. I would go with the true white & dark brown combination. I prefer the white because of your trim which apparently is already true white. An off-white against it would look weird.

Julia said...

hi! i stumbled upon your blog and it looks like we are looking at similar material for our kitchen (ours is a 1956) i'll probably continue to check in and see what you decide!

are you planning to pull up the old flooring? that has been an issue for us

Libby said...

hey julia! that's great that you're looking into cork tiles too...i can wait to get them into my kitchen (probably within the next 6 months). originally i figured we'd just put the tiles on top of the old floor, but the more i look at it, i think we'll have to pull it up first. this makes me really nervous b/c i don't know what's under there. seth and i refinished the hardwood floors in the whole house ourselves so i feel a little weird saying this, but i'm leaning towards hiring someone to do the job! it just seems scary, although maybe i'll change my mind once i do more research.

be sure to let me know what you end up doing. and i'll check out your blog too! :)