no more crazy cords EVER!

I've been feeling like Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest lately, except instead of wire hangers, its this grossness lurking under our desk that's been driving me insane:

It was even worse than that believe it or not, but I forgot to take a before shot until about 20 minutes into tackling it. I'm proud to say that this is what it looks like under our desk now!

YEA! And it didn't take much money or time to make it look like this. The longest part of the process was brainstorming on how to fix the situation...about an hour here at the house and then another 45 minutes in Walmart, looking at all the options. Of course there wasn't a pre-made solution for billions of cords, modems and power strips made just for a vintage metal desk that I don't want to ruin, so I had to get creative. I finally came up with a solution involving metal bathroom baskets with suction cups on the back ($5 each), magnetic hooks, and 6 3M picture hanging strips.

One basket holds the cable modem on the left side of the desk and the other holds the Vonage box on the right side of the desk.

The right side of the desk has drawers and therefore the most space, so I used 6 3M picture hanging strips to hold up my very heavy power strip under the other basket. I used metal hooks wherever I need to keep a cord in place and out of view. The great thing is that everything is removable...suction cups, magnets, and magic 3M the desk isn't ruined and I can move everything around if I need to later.

It looks crazy from the back, but you can't see any of that once the desk is pushed up to the wall.

Hurray!! I'm sitting at this desk now and its so nice to be able to stretch my legs out and not run into a pile of cords. Its nice not to have to look at them anymore either :)


Heather said...

hi, I love how much you are posting these days! Look at that mac - since when?!? Did you have trouble transitioning?

Libby said...

hey heather! the mac happened about a year ago. seth and i were having so many problems with PC's that i finally decided we were either going to find a way to get a mac or we weren't going to have a computer in the house anymore. since my friend ryan works for apple i was able to get a good deal, and its been great. the transition wasn't hard at all. i used to have a mac years ago so it was no problem for me, and seth loves it too...its just so easy to navigate. when you come visit next summer we'll make fun pictures on photobooth together :)

Fat Cat said...

Uh oh, the cable "situation"... I still need to get mine under control. But I find your suction cup, magnets & power strips idea very clever. I will definitely copy that. Also your desk lamp is super cute !