big news

I'm finally ready for the sheers to go.

This is a picture I took right after we bought the house, and the reason I'm using this one is b/c I could only find one other picture of the sheers on my entire blog (and they looked weird in that pic b/c of Christmas candles in the window). So obviously they're not something I've been showing off.

I really have liked them all this time though, and when the originals got a few rips in them a few years ago I didn't take that opportunity to revamp the window treatments...I got super cheap thin curtains from Ikea and rigged more sheers. And I think that's been part of the problem. The sheers no longer open and close with ease thanks to a little pull on the side. Opening them is still easy, but if we want to close them its a whole process of lining up and pulling and getting the folds just so. It was okay at first but now its annoying the crap out of me. Plus I'm just ready for something new! And updated!

I have a few ideas but I haven't even gotten close to nailing down what I'd like to do on those windows. I do know that I want the sheers and the valances to go, and I'm thinking I'll still use the drapes but put them on a rod and use rings so they slide open and closed easily. For the big middle window, I'm thinking maybe a roman shade? Or a roller shade? Not sure. Definitely open to suggestions (in fact, I'm asking for them).

Anyway, I'm excited. Its a new project and a big change! And its not the only change I'm thinking about for the living room. I've been brainstorming about revamped built-in bookshelves and a new color on the wall...I'm craving something warmer that will make the room feel more cozy. Yea!

And just for kicks, check out this before and after:

Pretty crazy, huh?! Doesn't even look like the same room!


alex said...

Very good!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant....I think you may have found a calling!!