The sheers....

ARE GONE!!! I can't even tell you what a relief this is. They were great at first because they looked nice and Seth and I didn't have to spend $$ on window treatments when we bought the house. But lately they've been driving me crazy, mostly because the traverse rod system that was holding them up didn't really work anymore (which isn't too surprising...I'm pretty sure they've been up for 50 years).

It would have given me great satisfaction to rip these things out of the wall with my bare hands, but of course I didn't. I painstakingly took out every screw and let me tell you...these things are COMPLICATED. I feel sorry for the person that had to figure out how to put them up in the first place. After an hour and a half, I finally got every piece removed.

What a mess. Traverse rods are crazy! All those screws and all that hardware just to hold up a few drapes. Talk about overkill. What's going up next is much, MUCH simpler. Stay tuned.

PS. Those things above the window are temporary shades that I put up when we first moved into the house and the sheers scared me (too transparent). We haven't used them in years but now they'll come in handy...I'll use them to at least keep peeping eyes out of the big window until the new shades arrive in the mail.

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