This living room project has taken on a life of its own

So what started off to be just a few coats of paint and a window treatment update has turned into something much bigger. With every change I make I find a new project to work on and honestly, I'm loving every minute of it! None of it feels like a chore...I feel excited for the change and invigorated by working so much with my hands every weekend.

And this weekend is no different. I've got this weekend and the next to get everything finished before out of town guests arrive, so my to-do list is long:

1. Paint this mirror frame b/c it doesn't pop off the walls as much as I'd like it to. Sorry for the weird angle...I had to open the front door to eek out enough light for the shot (its really gloomy here today), plus I didn't want to show too much of the room before the big reveal:

2. Repaint the newly repainted built-in bookshelves. I painted them the orange from the hallway a few weeks ago b/c I already had the paint and it seemed like it would look good. Two thing happened since then...I realized that I don't want orange to be the main accent color in the room anymore (going w/tomato red and bright, buttery yellow), and I had to accept that I just didn't like that color orange in the room. It looks great in the hallway, but colors can change so drastically depending on the light in a room and this one changed for the worse. I know it doesn't look that bad in this picture, but trust me...its pretty jarring in real life.

Sample colors to test for the shelves:

3. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Let's just say I've noticed some extra fluff these days and everyone says this workout video is amazing. UGH I hate working out so much. We'll see if I can stick with it....

Okay, I'm off to get in my painting clothes and get to work! Er, "work" :)

living room sneak peek

I'm not quite ready to do the big reveal on the living room yet because I still have more trim to paint white and a project that's happening with the built-in bookshelves. In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek at all the changes that have been happening in there.

Inspiration and trying to decide on a color (which ended up being a VERY long process):

All prep work is done (which took a full day); finally ready to pick up a paint brush:

A glimpse at the wall color:

Its a totally different room now and I am loving it!