Today I'm working on a very un-glamorous part of the living room makeover - TRIM PAINTING. This isn't my first day working on it, either. The baseboards took a weekend, the built-in bookshelf trim and the doors took a weekend, and this weekend I'm tackling the trim around the windows and the crown molding trim. Most of the trim in the room was a cream color, so those parts are sorta fun to paint because I can see an instant improvement with the bright white popping off the dark grey walls. The baseboards were especially satisfying because the inch at the bottom was stained green from previous carpet.

Such a difference! And don't day I'll get quarter round on the baseboards to finish things off and cover up the dried glue marks around the bottom.

But today...not such a big transition. The crown molding is already white, so I doubt anyone will notice a difference after I'm finished. So why paint it at all, right?! Well, the white isn't as bright as the other white trim in the room, but the biggest reason is because its painted with flat paint and just looks dull now that all the other trim is all bright and shiny with the semi-gloss white paint on it. Plus you can't wipe anything off flat paint so there are tons of blotches of the old blue paint and now the new grey paint on the crown molding that I have no way to get off.

So here I am painting trim that's already white with more white paint. I tried to talk myself out of it but I've put so much work into the room that I didn't want to sell it short by being lazy about this one thing. And honestly, its not taking *that* just kills my neck and arm painting above my head so much. I've been wanting to be a better blogger lately which is partially why I'm writing now, but mostly my neck just needed a break from looking up.

That's all for now. There are just a few other small things that need to happen in the room and then it will be DONE! And I'll be on here sharing all sorts of pictures once that happens.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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