Yesterday was...

International Women's Day

...and my birthday! I turned 32 and I gotta say...I genuinely love getting older. Of course I don't really enjoy the slowing metabolism, wrinkles around the eyes, and the special pillow and firm mattress I require not to throw my back/neck out, but mentally I'm loving it. As time starts going by faster and faster (another aspect I don't especially like), I'm starting to sweat the littl
e stuff less and less. Its liberating!

The way I spent my birthday was a little odd for me. Even though I didn't go to work (I never work on my bday if I can help it, and neither should you), I woke up at 7:30. I made some oatmeal, opened a few cards, then did a workout with Seth. That's right - I finally tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! And let me tell is tough but it is awesome. Its only 20 minutes long, but the way she can promise the results she does with such a short workout is because it is so intense. I really liked that aspect, though. The less time I have to realize my body is hurting, the better. Plus she's just a good motivator.

After the shredding (haha) I cleaned the whole house and did some laundry. Again, probably not most people's first choice of activities on their birthday, but its what I wanted to do so I did it! After that I ran a few errands, made dinner, and then played a little Wii Pictionary (my present from Seth and its SO fun). It really was a great day, and thanks to all the cards, calls, and FB well wishes I felt very loved all day long. 32 is gonna be a good one, I can feel it!

Best present ever! Thanks again, Seth! :)

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