Have you checked out Pinterest yet? Its so great...I'm completely addicted. Basically you can pin anything you find online that interests you to boards that you create, and everything is nicely organized and all in one place. You can also look at what other people have pinned, get inspired by their stuff, repin it to your own board, and even follow people that tend to pin stuff you like. Trust me, its awesome...just sign up. Oh, and what you'll do is request an invitation and it will take about 2 weeks, then you're in. Not sure why they make people wait but its worth it.
Here's a link to my boards if you want to check them out!

put a bird on it!

A friend of mine made a "word bird" for my blog...isn't it cute? Thanks Jeannette! :)

latest Ruby developments

  • Her nose has gone bald so the black shows all the way up her snout (so cute)
  • She's been doing this weird air tread with her back leg when she tries to stand up (also cute, a little sad, but mostly hilarious). Its sorta the dog equivalent of when an elderly person has to try a few times before s/he can get off the couch.
  • She turns into Slowpoke Rodriquez after half a block of walking...this one is mostly frustrating but I let it slide. She is 14 years old after all.
My new favorite nickname for her is Ruppert, and I think its because of all her "special" new tricks. I love my sweet girl so much!

Jillian is not my friend.

You know what I hate? The fact that working out is a non-negotiable part of living a long, healthy life. It makes me so mad that putting the right stuff in my body isn't enough. I'm not one of those people that gets an adrenaline rush after working out...I don't enjoy it in the least and I don't feel invigorated afterwards. The only thing I feel is the absence of guilt for working out that day. It just sucks and if I ever met a genie and got 3 wishes, you better believe wishing away the need for exercise would be one of them.
Okay, here they are! If you missed the last post, these are the images that were supposed to be at the end but blogger wouldn't let me post them. Arg. But at least on this post you can click on the first image and enlarge it. The second image won't let you do that, however, and I have no idea why (and I'm too frustrated to keep trying to figure it out).

I could do this for every room in my house and it'd be the same...everything comes from a myriad of places and they were all acquired over a long period of time and after much deliberation and trial and error. Its definitely been a lot of fun, though!

Evolution of a room (aka why I'm not cut out to be an interior designer)

This is something I've been wanting to write about for awhile now. I remember when Seth and I first bought the house in 2007, I instantly felt an overwhelming need to get every room looking complete as soon as possible. I knew that there was no way that could happen right away (especially for very little money), but that didn't matter...I still went to thrift stores every day on my lunch break and searched online for things to fill my new space constantly. It was a full-on obsession.

I slowly found things here and there, and the thrift store stalking really did pay off. Some of the things I got ended up right back at Goodwill a few years later, but other things are still in the house and probably will be for years to come.

A lot of the things I brought into the house that didn't make the final cut were still functional for a time, and ultimately helped me realize what worked and did not work by trial and error.

Perfect example: a really long, tan sofa and a red carpet do. not. work.

Now that we're approaching the 4-year mark in the house and I am only just now finally satisfied with what's happening in the living room, it has become abundantly clear to me that there is no point in trying to force a room to come together in a short period of time (at least not on a budget). And honestly, even if money was no object I don't know if I could do a room in a short time frame, or if I'd want to. I've really enjoyed the process of it all and that it took me lots of searching at lots of different places to collect all the parts of the room that make it work for me. I honestly have no idea how interior designers do this in a matter of months. I've toyed with the idea of going back to school to become an interior designer because I love doing it in my own home, but the time constraint is the thing that stops me every time.

So all this gets to the thing I've been wanting to do for awhile, and that's pick a room and pinpoint where everything in it came from and where I got it. If the awful pictures above don't have you convinced that it takes time for a room to evolve, I think this will. Plus I just got Photoshop on my computer at home and wanted an excuse to try it out :)

And.....blogger won't post these pics big enough for you to click on and be able to read. UGH. I'm really getting so tired of blogger these days; its just so cumbersome to use anymore. I'd love to switch everything over to a better blog site but I don't think I post often enough to go through all that trouble. As for the pics I can't post right now, I'll put them up on a separate post in just a few minutes.