Okay, here they are! If you missed the last post, these are the images that were supposed to be at the end but blogger wouldn't let me post them. Arg. But at least on this post you can click on the first image and enlarge it. The second image won't let you do that, however, and I have no idea why (and I'm too frustrated to keep trying to figure it out).

I could do this for every room in my house and it'd be the same...everything comes from a myriad of places and they were all acquired over a long period of time and after much deliberation and trial and error. Its definitely been a lot of fun, though!


Mamabelle said...

Such fun! I love this idea! I sometimes go around like a game trying to see if my husband can remember where things came from. I can even do it with houseplants! I have a mother-in-law's tongue from hubby's grandfather who died in '04. I still have my first ever houseplant from a friend and have a Christmas cactus from my grandmother who died in '05. I'm a sentimental pack-rat, but I'm working on it!

Libby said...

I'm the same way...I can tell you where almost everything came from and how much I paid for it, and I have a feeling I always will! I'd so much rather collect things that have meaning or were a good find than just fill up my house in a short period of time by buying everything brand new.