big anniversary

Its hard to believe that its been 5 years since Seth and I got married! On that day I woke up around 9 or 10, and I think I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I didn't have the whole makeup/hair/getting ready with a bunch of girls thing. I remember standing alone in our tiny apartment bathroom, putting my insanely long hair in a simple low bun and then applying the very little makeup I knew how to apply: a little eye shadow, mascara, and some high beam...all things that my friend Stacy had taught me for the wedding, and it was just enough so I looked polished but still natural and like me. I also remember my skin being amazingly clear and glowy that day, something that pretty much never happened back then. It was a wedding day miracle! Haha.

in the car, just pulled up at the Ramsey House!

My friend Ryan showed up and I was ready all except the dress. He drove me and Ruby to the Ramsey House, and we snuck in about 20 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. I'm not sure where Ryan and Ruby went, but the next thing I remember is being in this kitchen, putting on the short, simple dress I'd picked out that was inspired by my mom's wedding dress from 1968 ($44 on clearance!), and all of a sudden a bunch of my girl friends showed up to send me off. It was a great moment! They were standing around me, we were all beaming, and I felt more excitement than I'd ever known. After a few minutes, they all left to take their seats, I took a few last sips of the pinot grigio I was drinking to calm my nerves, and it was time.

My dad came to get me and as soon as we walked out of the little house I was getting ready in, I started to get choked up. It wasn't the kind of choked up where one tear might have slipped out...I was feeling a full on (happy) bawl coming on. I said, "Dad, I'm going cry! I can't cry!!" Without skipping a beat, he started telling me about the history of the Ramsey House as we walked....when the house was built, what it had been used for, etc. I don't remember a thing he told me, but it took my mind off what was happening just enough to calm me down and stop the tears. Genius!

I'll never forget the feeling of walking down that aisle, eyes fixed on my beaming soon-to-be husband standing at the front. I know all my friends and family were watching me and smiling too, but I didn't see them. I finally made my way up to Seth and we had our ceremony. Ruby was our ring dog, and I remember being so happy we included her when we were untying our rings from the blue ribbon around her neck.

At the end we kissed and then gave each other a huge hug, and the feeling was something I can't describe. Happiness, peace, love, JOY + some other feelings I can't name. When it was over, we walked down the aisle together arm in arm, and as soon as we passed the last row, I let the tears out. What a moment!

I left out a lot of details from that day (like Seth walking down the aisle before me, instrumental Led Zeppelin song playing and Ruby in tow), but these are the things that I remember most from my perspective. We took a nap after the reception, then partied like it was 1999 on the 3rd floor of Sassy Ann's with a bunch of close friends. I've always thought the term "high on life" was pretty corny, but that night I could have floated away.

And that's my story! Best day of my life. Thank you for marrying me 5 years ago, Seth! I love you so much!!

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