Decisions, decisions.

Okay I'm really, REALLY ready to get these kitchen floors done but upon further investigation and a tip from a reader, I now know that I'd have to pull up the existing floor to put cork tiles down. Not only does that scare me b/c it'd be a lot more work (and might require a professional), but there's also a huge chance there'd be asbestos under there since the house was built in 1953. Yikes. Would VCT tiles really be so bad after all? It could go right on top of the existing floor, and it'd cost less. Thoughts? This blogger did congoleum which is similar (I think) and it looks great...

I'm also thinking a way to make cheaper tile look nicer is to lay it out into bigger squares.

I could always buy some returnable tiles at Home Depot and play around with the layout just to see. Hmm...I might just do that today! Stay tuned.

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Mamabelle said...

My husband used a circular saw and play with the depth on it to saw just through the tile. Then, he wedged it up with a chisel & hammer and tore off the black paper underneath it. Wasn't too bad. There were hardwood floors underneath just waiting to be refinished!