Today I'm in a foul mood. TN is getting crazy storms all the time these days, and last night another one came. Our house has been without power since 8:30 last night and I'm so annoyed that I can't call my husband for our mid-morning chat, my hair is greasy and gross b/c I refused to take an ice cold shower this morning, and that all the food in our fridge/freezer is rotting as I type. I know it could be worse...one of the many super-tall pines around our house could have fallen on the roof or our roof could have blown right off (it happened to other people)...but I still feel irritated so I'm going with it.

Next topic - does anyone have a SmartCar? I'm seriously considering buying one and would love some input. I know its a tiny car but the gas mileage is amazing - 33 street and 40 highway! My car now gets 17/23. Terrible. Of course ideally I'd get an electric car like the Nissan Leaf but I just don't have $33,000 to spare right now.

Final topic - a friend of mine suggested that I paint the old linoleum floor in the kitchen as a cheap alternative to replacing it. Brilliant! I'm not 100% convinced but I am definitely considering it. Cons: it might looks crappy with the texture of the old floors, plus I'm worried that Ruby's sharp talons might scratch it up in a week. Pros: it would be super cheap and it could potentially look as awesome as this:

Oh, and I'd do a thick chevron pattern just like this, either in b&w or something more subtle like this one (I'm leaning towards the latter).

This is why I'm scared to put b&w checkerboard tiles in my kitchen

via pinterest

I know the yellow on my cabinets isn't nearly that bright (and my walls aren't yellow), but all that contrast still makes me nervous. If I had simple white cabinets like all the inspirational pictures I've posted in the past, I wouldn't think twice about it.

addicted to chevron

Oh what I wouldn't give to have these floors in my kitchen!

kitchen floor development

photo: Modularity Tiles

I'm so excited because I think I might have finally found a solution to the kitchen floor redo and it doesn't involve asbestos removal or thousands of dollars - yea! A company called Modularity Tiles has modern tiles in all sorts of colors that you can stick right on top of your existing floor! And they look way better than the peel and stick tiles you can get at Home Depot. I figured it up online and it would cost around $250 to do basic checkerboard tiles in our small kitchen. If I want to get fancy and use some of the circle or square cut tiles it would be a little more expensive, but I still might be able to do that since I won't have to pay anyone to professionally install it. And speaking of, installation looks really easy, plus if something happens to a tile down the road, I can just pry it up and replace it (sort of like Flor carpet tiles).

I know I've got hours of playing around with all the possible tile configurations ahead of me, but I put together a few ideas for now in the super awesome Modulizer tool they've got on their website (assuming I don't got w/black & white, which I still might):

What do you think? Do any of these designs jump out to you or should I stick with basic b&w checkerboard tiles? Here's a fairly recent pic of the kitchen if you need a refresher.

dance fever

I saw Saturday Night Fever for the first time last week, and I gotta say...it was GREAT. Sure there are tons of cheesy parts (and some really disturbing parts that I could have done without), but its totally worth it to watch John Travolta dance. He was so little and sassy on the dance floor! Oh, and all the Bee Gees music throughout the movie is awesome. I'd give anything for discos to still be around so I could get snazzy and go dancing every Saturday night. Sigh. I grew up in the wrong decade.