Today I'm in a foul mood. TN is getting crazy storms all the time these days, and last night another one came. Our house has been without power since 8:30 last night and I'm so annoyed that I can't call my husband for our mid-morning chat, my hair is greasy and gross b/c I refused to take an ice cold shower this morning, and that all the food in our fridge/freezer is rotting as I type. I know it could be worse...one of the many super-tall pines around our house could have fallen on the roof or our roof could have blown right off (it happened to other people)...but I still feel irritated so I'm going with it.

Next topic - does anyone have a SmartCar? I'm seriously considering buying one and would love some input. I know its a tiny car but the gas mileage is amazing - 33 street and 40 highway! My car now gets 17/23. Terrible. Of course ideally I'd get an electric car like the Nissan Leaf but I just don't have $33,000 to spare right now.

Final topic - a friend of mine suggested that I paint the old linoleum floor in the kitchen as a cheap alternative to replacing it. Brilliant! I'm not 100% convinced but I am definitely considering it. Cons: it might looks crappy with the texture of the old floors, plus I'm worried that Ruby's sharp talons might scratch it up in a week. Pros: it would be super cheap and it could potentially look as awesome as this:

Oh, and I'd do a thick chevron pattern just like this, either in b&w or something more subtle like this one (I'm leaning towards the latter).

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joy said...

Hi! I just saw this cool vct floor and thought you may like to see it. They used vct tiles and cut them into thirds. I haven't seen this done before and I like the pattern and color variation. Good luck with your floors! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rockscissorpaper/2124017132/in/photostream/