This is why I'm scared to put b&w checkerboard tiles in my kitchen

via pinterest

I know the yellow on my cabinets isn't nearly that bright (and my walls aren't yellow), but all that contrast still makes me nervous. If I had simple white cabinets like all the inspirational pictures I've posted in the past, I wouldn't think twice about it.


Julia said...

if you'd be happy with it, do it! my concern for ours is resale (in the next year or 2), so I'm considering grey on white or something more neutral. some people would love the black/white look

Libby said...

that's just the thing...i'm not sure i'd be happy with it. i might just got to home depot and buy b&w VCT tile just so i can see a checkerboard pattern in there and know for sure.

and yeah, its smart to think about resale especially since you know you'll be moving in the near future.

Fat Cat said...

You know what ? I love the look of that kitchen. Fresh AND retro :-)
But I get that it's not for everyone. If you have the possibility to do a life-sized try out of your kitchen floor, go for it !!!