the beach

aka. The Best Place On Earth

my happy place

last night on the beach...stayed from noon until 9pm

riding the wave, man

arr, matey!

I avoid the sun in my "hut"...

...Seth worships the sun

just chillin'

a fish out of water

couldn't be happier to be back at the beach together

my favorite picture, maybe ever.

Two projects, long overdue

Today I tackled two very easy projects that I should have done, oh, 4 years ago when we moved in. Especially the first one. This was the state of our mailbox this morning:

To say that it needed to be replaced is a staggering understatement. The red flag was pretty much impossible to lift up and down, and the thing wasn't even attached to the post!

I had originally intended to scrape the paint off and spray paint it to look new, but it was just too rotten. So I picked up a brand new metal mailbox at Lowe's for $17 and set to work. Because of the old post set up, I couldn't drill the piece of wood used to attach the mailbox to the base (it is meant for wood posts), so I had to rig it a little. I slathered the part of the post that touches the mailbox with epoxy and hoped for the best. I still don't know if it will work (it takes 24 hours to cure), so keep your fingers crossed for me! It sure does look a little nicer, though, and I KNOW the mail carrier will appreciate a mailbox that doesn't fall off the post every time s/he opens the door.

Next I tackled the really ugly house numbers above the breezeway door.

Yikes. I debated a few options, but ultimately decided to paint the wood plaque and attach new metal letters. I looked through all my half full cans of paint and decided on a light brown color. I really like different shades of brown together, plus I thought it would play off the color of the Crab Orchard stone that covers the house.

I picked up inexpensive numbers from Home Depot and that was it! Oh, and I put a coat of varnish on the wood before installing the numbers just to make it last longer. It not a huge change, but I do think it looks a whole lot nicer than it did before.

Note: Sorry about the weird pixelating of the house numbers...I just felt weird about posting them on the internet.

the guest room

When we moved in, the guest room was pink. Then I painted it yellow. Then I painted it green/blue. Now I want to paint I know, I know! But something about the color combo in there has just always bugged me and I won't relax about it until it feels right. And it won't be the exact pink that was in the room before. It'll be more of a soft peach. I know that sounds horrible but look (via here)... could be beautiful!!

I love how this room is soft b/c of the peachy pink walls but is also grounded and feels substantial with all the dark wood tones. And I really love how warm it is with the red-orange and yellow thrown in. I think that's the biggest thing that bugs me about the room right now...the blue/green on the walls isn't warm enough.

So, getting down to logistics. There are a few things that have to stay as is...the curtains and the pink desk. The good thing is that those items will fit right in with what I'm thinking. The metal headboard and the dresser can be painted (or replaced) and the bedding can be changed. The tricky part is what to do about the nightstands. I painted them a few years back and I LOVE them, but they wouldn't really work in the new room. Or maybe they would, but I'm doubting it. Of course I could always paint them another color. I used to get more attached to the way I had a room fixed up and would never dream of changing it once it was finished, but I've moved away from that these days (hence, the living room overhaul). I think its healthy to change things up every now and then.

Anyway, I'd love some feedback!