Two projects, long overdue

Today I tackled two very easy projects that I should have done, oh, 4 years ago when we moved in. Especially the first one. This was the state of our mailbox this morning:

To say that it needed to be replaced is a staggering understatement. The red flag was pretty much impossible to lift up and down, and the thing wasn't even attached to the post!

I had originally intended to scrape the paint off and spray paint it to look new, but it was just too rotten. So I picked up a brand new metal mailbox at Lowe's for $17 and set to work. Because of the old post set up, I couldn't drill the piece of wood used to attach the mailbox to the base (it is meant for wood posts), so I had to rig it a little. I slathered the part of the post that touches the mailbox with epoxy and hoped for the best. I still don't know if it will work (it takes 24 hours to cure), so keep your fingers crossed for me! It sure does look a little nicer, though, and I KNOW the mail carrier will appreciate a mailbox that doesn't fall off the post every time s/he opens the door.

Next I tackled the really ugly house numbers above the breezeway door.

Yikes. I debated a few options, but ultimately decided to paint the wood plaque and attach new metal letters. I looked through all my half full cans of paint and decided on a light brown color. I really like different shades of brown together, plus I thought it would play off the color of the Crab Orchard stone that covers the house.

I picked up inexpensive numbers from Home Depot and that was it! Oh, and I put a coat of varnish on the wood before installing the numbers just to make it last longer. It not a huge change, but I do think it looks a whole lot nicer than it did before.

Note: Sorry about the weird pixelating of the house numbers...I just felt weird about posting them on the internet.


jeannieo said...

haha, until I read the very end, I just thought you had put some kind of cool mosaic-y design next to your number.

both projects look refreshed :)

Libby said...

hahaha! awesome :)

Ruth said...

great house...and wow, your mailbox really did need replacing!

Lollie Lane said...

when we first bought our house, i was SO bummed that the mailbox was across the street. I wanted to have the quintessential box at the end of my driveway. Because of that, our mailbox looks like TRASH.

Libby said...

haha, yeah...i feel ya. i honestly can't believe i let mine go for so long! and when i finally took care of it i was in super frugal mode so didn't want to spent the money to make the mailbox cute or special looking.