Thoughts on stuff

Every day this week I have been day dreaming about going home and getting rid of a bunch of stuff, and every night I get home, cook dinner, and then realize that I just don't have the energy to start a project like that a few hours before its time to hit the sack. Its frustrating having to wait until the weekend to do a lot of things, and I worry that by the time the weekend arrives, I will have lost my motivation (which happens alllll the time). But I really hope I don't lose my motivation this time...I feel such a strong urge to purge! Not that I'm a pack rat or a dreaded hoarder, but I still want to have less. I want to open a closet or a drawer and see unused space, and I want to know that there is nothing under the bed. Wish me luck this weekend!

And on an unrelated note, the guest room redo is really coming together! The duvet cover should arrive in a few weeks (stupid back order), I found vintage lamps for the bedside tables and for my dresser, and the bed frame has been spray painted oil-rubbed bronze. One day I'd love to replace that bed with something simpler, but for now it works. Here's a (very small) sneak peek:

One of these lamps will go on my dresser in front of the mirror. It is the perfect size, the pale pink references the pink metal desk, but mostly I'm happy about the deal I got. I've had my eye on these lamps for almost 5 years but they were too pricey at $75, and they finally went on sale! Sometimes it pays to be patient :)