Kitchen floor

I was thinking about placing my order with Modularity for a black & white checkerboard floor this week, but then I got scared. I don't know why its so hard for me to make a decision! I guess part of it is that I'm worried all you'll see when you walk into the kitchen is FLOOR! And I really don't want that to take over the room because I like the cabinets and the wall color so much. Plus it will cost a lot to send the tiles back if they don't work.

I came across this today and I really like some of the designs...but I also know that whenever I start seriously considering an out of the ordinary design I end up pitching it because it will compete with the cabinets.

Maybe all my fear is coming from the fact that I've gotten used to the drab, forgettable floors that are in there now and something bold will look fabulous. Aghh! Decisions!!


Julia said...

know i struggle with perfectionism--if I'm not sure if its just right I start all over again. If its cheap per sq ft I'm not as worried...we could replace it again in a few years.

Olga said...

Come on, be brave - black&white is very cool :) Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry so much! Easier said than done but the black and white tiles are so traditional and would go wonderfully with your cubboards no matter the color. Go for it!