This is a scary post for me to write because it makes something that I've been safely thinking about doing but not taking action on more of a reality. But let me back up.

First things first, I don't post much anymore. Have you noticed? No, because most of the readers I had in the beginning probably moved on to blogs that posted more regularly, and I don't blame them. When I was posting a few times a week, it was because I was doing creative things in my spare time that I was excited about and I wanted to share them. Are you starting to put it together? I hit a dry spell creatively and therefore had nothing to write about.

But then in 2007 I decided to do a painting of a friend's dog June as a birthday gift. I had a small canvas already so I gave it a shot. She really liked it. My mom's birthday was a few weeks later, so I thought, okay, I'll paint a bird for her! She loves birds and she loved the painting. Another friend's birthday was a few weeks later, so I thought, I bet she'd love a painting of her dog Zoe...let me tell you, I was on a roll!!

Then 3 years passed. Yup. Classic Libby style.

But then in 2010 I got the itch to paint another dog, and my friend Al was coming to town, so I painted her dog Bandit. I was so scared that the other 3 paintings had been flukes and was pleasantly surprised when Bandit turned out well.

Another year passed, and the itch came back. My friends Barry and Mike were taking care of Ruby again, and I wanted to do something to let them know how much I appreciate them taking care of my little blind, elderly dog. So I painted their girl, Dusty.

That's when the wheels started turning in my head. Maybe I should turn this into a business. No, that's too scary...what if all those others paintings were flukes. Then a friend posted a super adorable picture of his dog Rhonda that was begging to be turned into a painting and I thought, Okay. Paint this dog and if you like how it turns out, it will be time to put that fear aside and make something happen.

I like how it turned out. And I am starting an Etsy shop.


That is a super scary thing to put out there, but its time. And today I bought 15 canvasses so there's no turning back now.

Of course there is a lot that needs to happen before I can start accepting orders. I need to do a ton of research about how selling on Etsy works, and I need to decide how much I should charge, and oh yeah - I need to come up with a name! Suggestions/advice on any and all of those things is more than welcome.

So that's it! That's my news. I am excited.


Julia said...

that is great! i've thought about selling on etsy (some vintage books ect) but the shipping intimidates me. i've heard it isn't hard though.

Joanna said...

Selling on Etsy definitely isn't hard, but doing it to make a living is! My shop has been open a year and I am just noticing a pick up in sales, but it's a hobby for me. Let me know if you want any insider info :) Your paintings are lovely and I bet you'd do well!

Libby Gourley said...

Thanks, Joanna! And I'm definitely not expecting to make a living...just want a creative outlet and to make a little extra cash as well.

Any insider info you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

Fat Cat said...

How exciting ! Sorry, I can't offer any advice on selling on Etsy (I'm just an annoying customer there, always enquiring how much shipping to Europe is ;-)
But please reserve one of those canvases for me; I would very much like to order a painting of my cats from you. Unless you only do dogs ?

wow account for sale said...

WoW! That was really a wonderful idea.