need advice

So I recently redid my bedroom, but before I post pics here I want it to be completely finished. The last 2 things I need are lamps and some wall art. One of the biggest components of the new room is a bed...our first brand new furniture purchase. It was scary! And it cost a lot more than the vintage/Goodwill stuff I normally buy. It was so worth it is a solid piece and we will probably be sleeping on it for the rest of our lives. Anyway, the point of all that is I don't want to spend a lot of money finishing up the room, so I'm going to DIY some hanging lamps.

This is where you come in. I found 2 tutorials for hanging lamps and I want to know which one you like better. Or more specifically, which one you think has the better chance of not looking janky in my fabulous new room :)

This one made from cupcake papers (found here):

And this one made from hemp string (found here):

I appreciate the help! And as soon as I get the lamps made and find the perfect wall art, I will have a big ole reveal on the blog :)

ps. If anyone is wondering if I've started my dog painting business yet, the answer is no. I will start it though! I just haven't been able to decide on the perfect name yet, and you got in the way. I was feeling guilty about announcing it and then not jumping on the ball right away, but then I decided to let that go and start the biz in my own time and in my own way. I've always been so bad about putting pressure on myself and carrying around guilt when I don't live up to that pressure, and I'm trying to break that habit. I am only human after all, and all I can do is try to get through each day the best that I can.

On turning 33

I wrote this post on my actual birthday, Thursday, but forgot to post it until today...oops.

Today I turned 33. Instead of reminiscing about this day 33 years ago (um, impossible), I started off today thinking about this day 17 years ago. Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit came on the radio on my way to work, and I remembered my sweet 16.

I had failed my driving test that day and was devastated in a way that only a 16 year old can be about something like that. I cried, which always makes me really tired, and when we got home my mom suggested that I take a nap. I almost never take naps, but I was exhausted from the "trauma" so I agreed. Dad called me downstairs when dinner was ready, and when I turned the corner into the kitchen, all my friends were there waiting for me! It was such a complete shock, and it was so awesome.

We all sat around the table and ate the meal I requested every year for my birthday - spaghetti, garlic bread and salad - then my mom brought out the sheet cake she had made with a street scene painted on it in icing and a red lollipop as a stop sign.

After dinner, my friends gave me a few presents and I got my very first (and best) mix tape of all time, Ethal Mix #1. That tape has long since worn out, which is a sad thing. I know I could recreate it on a CD, but it wouldn't have things like "w-w-Y 107!" accidentally recorded from the radio in between Wild Thing and West End Girls. Gah it makes me so sad that kids today will never experience what it was like to spend hours waiting by the radio, ready to push the record button when their favorite song finally comes on. Anyway, the other gift I remember getting was from an unlikely source, my much more conservative friend Christina Gallagher: a cassingle of Smells Like Teen Spirit. In a weird way it meant more that it came from her because I knew she didn't like that kind of music but got it for me anyway because she knew I loved it Nirvana.

The next day my mom took me to a different driving test facility, I passed with flying colors, and life went on. Now I'm 33 and I still wonder if the day will ever come that I'll feel like a real grown up and not a kid playing dress up. I sorta hope it never does.