Time for a change.

Oops, looks like I accidentally let a few months pass since my last post. Well, the first month was an accident...the second month was more intentional.

I had so much fun with this blog earlier on, with the best period being the first couple years of fixing up the house. I'm so glad that I have that difficult but rewarding time documented, and it even had a few unexpected perks (namely, my kitchen in Home Magazine and Design*Sponge at Home, both huge honors!).

But here's the deal. I'm not working on huge projects every weekend anymore. Sure, there are things here and there, but not enough to fill up a blog. And you know what else? Lately I'm not even that into other people's blogs. I found myself reading hundreds of them on my Google Reader, scrolling through picture after picture, almost like it was a job to get through them and not because I was getting anything out of it. But the real bottom line is that I just don't feel a huge need or desire to post about my life anymore. At least not in this format.

 I finally gave in and got an iPhone, and because of it I've fallen in love with Instagram. I really enjoy how quick it is, and how I don't have to come up with a concept that is "worthy" of a whole post before I put it out there. I am capturing moments from my life...just for me...and if other people would like to see them, then that's great too.

And what I really love about it is that its not pictures from somewhere else (oh man, don't even get me started on Pinterest. It is amazing but WHOA inspiration overload. I've been off of it for about a month now and I feel like my head is finally starting to clear). The pictures I see from the people I follow on Instagram (and the pictures you'll see if you follow me) won't be a perfectly designed space that you'll see on 10 different design blogs. They are actual moments of beauty that someone captured during a normal day. And I think we need more of that.
I'm not sure what the future is for this blog, but I guess right now its safe to say that it is on a hiatus, and whether or not that hiatus is temporary or permanent is yet to be seen. In the meantime, feel free to check me out on Instagram (@libbygourley) if you'd like.


Rachel Karch said...

I love the pictures you took! They look so retro! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Bug!!! FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!! You've always done such fine work!!! I LOVE YOU!!! -Seef

Pati Mo said...

it's ok to take time off or even disengage from other blogs. i find that sometimes i have to take time off as well so definitely don't feel bad!

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